How To Read This Blog

Welcome to Rukmini Krishnan where you can Unwind And Relax.  Enjoy this cosy corner in the world of blogs and let your hair down, unwind and take back with you a wonderful collection of memories, nostalgia and experience.

To be a perfect Rukmini Krishnan Reader let me introduce you to the various ways you could enjoy it. Firstly, look up the navigation bar at the top of the page below the header.

You will have options to choose from.


You will have About, where you will know more about me.


You will have Categories which will take you to the various categories of the blog.  The categories include Life, Human Emotions, Parenting, Education, and Nature Care. The drop down box will take you wherever you wish to go.


You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short M...
You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Mother Goose Tales to Read Together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





If you wish to read stories, you can visit where you can find the best kind of stories all based on personal experiences. Enjoy reading and do give your feedback.







A black and white illustration of a mother and...

The blog also has poetries which will take you to a poetry blog The Random Thought Bistro, . Here you will have poetries written by me , based on true life incidents.  Enjoy reading them and if you wish you can come back to the original blog, Tales To Read


 For the palate you have The Food Bistro where you have recipes at your fingertips.

laptop_lunchbox 2008.02.20

Visit where you can find the best of cuisines. This is also my blog and has contributions from many food lovers. If you wish to contribute , please mail me at I will feature your dish.

Mind and Matter

Reading a book

Mind and Matter deals with the various aspects of body and soul. This is found at Here you can get to know many things about ancient culture, tradition and practices.

Hindi Poetry

Enjoy some of the best expressions expressed in HIndi through this blog where you have some of my self written verses in HIndi.

Health And Nutrition

So do you have any queries regarding your health? Now  all that you wished to know about how to maintain health and hygiene is at your fingertips through this blog

Travel & Leisure

English: Read all about it...! Here in Ketley ...
English: Read all about it…! Here in Ketley is the home of the Shropshire Star, the county’s biggest local newspaper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you have enjoyed all aspects of life, why not go around the world through The Travel Bistro at . Come here and have the best of travel tips and locales.

So enjoy Rukmini Krishnan the blog and unwind and relax.!!








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