Lame Excuses

lame excuses
lame excuses

Today Rukmini Krishnan shares on her blog a story from her blog Tales To Read . In this story, Rukmini delves into the simple thoughts that go through a human mind which actually are a perception at that point of time. She shows how perception need not always be reality  This story is a based on a real life incident that Rukmini personally went through. It is interesting to note how the simple experience transforms into a beautiful touching tale .

Excerpts from the story : Lame Excuses

“Next please” the shrill voice boomed across the silence in the hospital OPD room. OPD or out-patient department was the most crowded area in the hospital. At any time of the day,one would see patients all lined up waiting to see the doctors who seemed to surface from nowhere . As Roy looked behind his shoulder wondering if he was next in number, he saw much to his chagrin, it wasnt his token number on the indicator.

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