When We Lost A Leader, Mentor and Guide – APJ Abdul Kalam

What is that kindles our desires and ambitions? What is that makes us think twice before doing it? It is only that piece of advice that helps us to take decisions at the spur of the moment and that keeps us moving on. In this age of absolute darkness when things are unsure and unpredictable, it is only that leading light that helps us guide through the difficulties and challenges successfully. This is the light that spread throughout the country and then to the world – This is the light called Abdul Kalam.

APJ Abdul Kalam, the erstwhile Indian President was not just a fantastic leader or a President, he was a genuine human being. He was that gem in the the necklace of our life which would never stop shining. Time was when people used to thing that joining politics was the best way to serve the country. That was the Independence era . Then came a time when families used to dissuade people from joining politics as they felt it called for unwanted commitment. Then came the time of APJ Abdul Kalam when people began to get reinforced faith on the political strength of the country.  Such was the charisma, the effect and the aura of the man that the entire country began to once again sit and listen to speeches on national television with renewed interest.

Students today are mourning the death of a President with so much honesty and genuine feelings that it is unbelievably true that these tears are shed only for those fortunate few who manage to touch the heart of the entire nation. And Sir Abdul Kalam did that. When the country is famous for having a holiday called at the drop of a hat , and at the death of a leader, it is only Abdul Kalam who commanded the respect that one should work harder on the day he died and on the day he would leave us forever. It is only a person of his stature who could achieve this and it is surprising that the otherwise laid back citizens have actually risen up in unity towards offereing their service for the sake of this great man.

How many times have we seen youngsters cluck clucking over the loss of a national leader? How many of us have actually stood hours to hear the speech from an Indian leader? Well we have, but the count is just very few. Such was the power and aura of this man that the halo that he left behind would have to be now carried forward and lit for a better, stronger and more powerful morrow in India. He lives on, in our hearts, actions and prayers and in our deeds which would speak for themselves if we resolve to take his advice forward and put it into action. We should be those eagles he mentioned who soar above the clouds and not the birds who take shelter when it rains!


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