IMG_20171110_132001So there are times in life when you wish to go back and have a dekko at what you always wished to do – Dream. And what better way to do this than to have a right about turn towards the one place which always would give you comfort – your childhood. Yes, and this is exactly what happened with me this morning as I was on my regular morning walk.

As I passed the concrete jungle that has made up my surroundings I searched for the solace and peace that a walk is supposed to give you. I saw the vehicles whizzing past and the idli dosa vendors doing their bit on the road giving a quick breakfast to those who were in a hurry. I thought of having a bite but was too full after my fruit breakfast and went ahead with my walk.

I saw the painting on the wall done by me good friend Mini on the walls of the temple nearby and admired her ability to pull off such a fantastic feat. I  walked on listening to the popular song from Amitabh Bachchan’s Don “Yeh Mera Dil” getting ready for my performance next week. Yes, this music did bring back fond memories of my childhood for the music is so catchy that somewhere I felt a little girl again , that I was when Amitabh Bachchan’s Don was released.

I walked further ahead and passed a school and loved the ambience there, the laughter of the children who were playing carelessly , unaware of the wants of the life and it gave me immense pleasure. I further walked on and here is where I found the inspiration for today’s topic – The Bor Waala

Yes, the Bor waala. For the uninitiated let me tell you, that the Bor waala is a man who stands there with a lot of small berries, red, blue, green and of course also has the tarty tamarind dipped in a juice that would bring water to your mouth for quarter of an hour after you had it. Then he had small slices of mango pieces dipped in salt and chilli powder and voila my childhood fantasies came alive. Yes, this is the Berry Man filled with so much nostalgia and charm that even if we do not wish to, we would surely get drawn to this pleasure of eating on the street.

Loaded with all the stuff that could leave you feeling acidic for some time, the bor waala brought back sweet memories of my childhood. This was the guy who used to stand outside my school and he was a person we were not supposed to go to, as he was part of the taboo things in our childhood. However obviously we broke the rules and we used to have a bite from one of our friends who used to show off her pocket money and get this bor stuff for herself !

So today as I saw this guy and me the fifty year old professional, did not mind being a mischievous school girl and have a bite at this taboo stuff! So I asked him for bor or the blackberry and he asked me for how much . I was so not in touch with how much I should tell him and I asked him for a fiver. As he mixed the red berries with salt and the spice and put it on the paper and rolled it into a cone, there was an unfound joy and an unbelievable happiness and I only could enjoy the taste of each berry with a pleasure that I describe here right now.


Then I also asked him for the slice of mango and voila the semi circles of sour mango seemed to beckon me with their juicy salt and chilli mixture and I was only too pleased to listen to them.

The joys of childhood, they are many but the pleasure of reliving them is something that keeps us going in life. And today when I had the taboo stuff I only felt that the best pleasures in life are those which allow you to do what you have always been forbidden to do . What say?


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