Rukmini Krishnan

Have been a freelance content writer for the past twelve years

Presently a freelance writer and write on hotels, movies, academics, travel, technology and health. Writer of trivia on movies and entertainment on You Tube

Am A English and French Language Trainer. Teach Spoken English.

Was a Freelancer at DNA the newspaper at http://www.dnaindia.com/blogs

I also write blogs on various topics. Main website http://www.rukminikrishnan.wordpress.com

Have written synopsis for television channels. ( Star TV via India Syndicate)

Judge for Debates online and personal for Colleges and Universities

Writer and photographer for Edge of Humanity an International Online Magazine http://edgeofhumanity.com/2015/04/01/gudi-padva/

Speaker For The Rotary and Rotaract Club

Specialties: Creative writing, Poem writing, content writing, French translation, English training, Review writing, and street photography

How This Blog Started

This site  is the fruit of an effort which started some years back when I was talking on the phone. I have this habit of doodling while on the phone and I suddenly found I had written a poem. I instantly copied it in a notebook. Those were the days of no computers. So I used to collect my poems in a book.

Some years back when blogging started, I started penning everything down in the blog. Thus took birth, the initial introduction of this blog – Rukmini Krishnan . Today I write  regularly and all the matter in the blog is entirely my creation. Whenever I get affected by anything , I express it in words as they are my best friend.

It is intriguing to see how words pour out when you have to write and it is a joy for me when all my readers read it and appreciate it. Today this virtual family that I have is my wealth and the best feeling I could ever have had.

There is a great reading list you will have in the blog. Enjoy all the categories and make the best of them.

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  1. Rukmini Krishnan, I was reading your blog on Dna’s website. They are interesting and insightful..
    My name is Deepthi and I work as a content editor and marketing manager with a company called Zaamor.com. It would be great to connect with you. It would be nice to have a piece written by you on our blog as well. Please let me know how I can contact you. My email address is deepthi@zaamor.com. You can also go through our website that is, http://www.zaamor.com. Hope to hearing from you soon.
    marketing manager,


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