Does A Woman Need to Know To Stay Relevant in Society?

Well I usually write when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am excited and when I am glad. Wow! That almost rhymed so well.  But I also write when I am pensive and today right now I am pensive and why so?

Alright let me tell you , there are few points of strength which remain one’s forte throughout life. At fifty, I do not even need to think twice before saying that my forte is writing and I write because I like to express myself through words which seem to dance along with my need to tango with the  alphabets. Yes, and if there is anyone who dares to tell me that I have expressed myself wrongly then yes I do get hurt. And hurt I am today as I write this incident which happened with me right now.

Alright let me not beat around the bush and let me straight get to the point. Here is a situation where I was subjected to my article being reviewed by someone. I do not have a problem with that but during the course of editing there was this one sentence which jarred my reading abilities.

The sentence read ” Modern men admire women who know to stay relevant in society”. Huh? Could anyone please explain the meaning of this sentence and its relevance to an educated, intelligent woman who surely would not understand the meaning of the sentence above.

So this brought me to wonder do women need to know to stay relevant in society? I mean, is it not just enough if they are a part of the society? Do they have to take that extra effort to be noticed, recognised, admired? Do they have to know to have relevance? Which brings me to ask you what is the meaning of “knowing to stay relevant”? What is relevance ? How is a woman connected to being relevant? I fail to understand all these terms used by present day generation in the name of women empowerment, female liberation talk et al.

Let me tell you, there is no such thing as female empowerment. It was always there, well yes, it just ebbed over the years thanks to the gradual decline in social norms and with man taking over the dominant factor in a relation for his own insecure reasons. Yet, let me tell you, there is no woman who would accept that she is irrelevant and she has to sustain her “relevant” factor in society.

There is no woman who would accept that she has to have a particular knowledge to stay relevant. First of all, what is staying relevant? Is it being fashionably intelligent, stylishly graceful and fascinatingly mesmerising? So if we have a household help at hand, would she know to stay relevant? In developing countries, we often have women who are not wholly educated and who may not be aware of the typical fashion scene, who may not even know how to conduct themselves in a particular social circle. So do they become ignorant of knowing how to stay relevant? All these and more questions bog me now as I still mull over the sentence that has triggered me to write this article. Sad, but true that women is a strong soul and she is the mother of all souls and she has been a powerful avatar since eons. There has never been any need for her to have a need to be relevant and whoever has said this is a woman herself and a woman of today’s generation and it is sad that this is where the world has come to.

Now let us dissect the other term ” Modern man” . Who is a modern man? Is he the one who  wears a tuxedo and opens the door for his woman and smiles under all duress? Well no I do not believe in such men, for I feel, whether it is man or woman, they should be able to help themselves and there is no need for chivalry in today’s world, neither a need to pamper the other sex whoever it may be. So there is no such term as a modern man and a traditional man. We can only have Old Stone Age Man, Neolithic Man, Paleolithic Man and Modern Man. Yes but modern man is not a cliched term, it is a historical term and Modern Age has been existing since ages. So there is no need to add an adjective to today’s men as Modern men because the term has been already led by our forefathers.

The next is modern men admiring us. Well let me tell you that the fact that women is the universal child  bearer makes her a superior soul and the fact that she is the origin of life makes it all the more a thing of relevance. Man is surely the one who is her partner to all crimes and who is the reason the world exists as man and woman. I wish the younger generation does make a note of this and does not fall victim to being misled by the fact that the generation prior to them was a conservative one and they are the only “modern” ones around. Also terms should never be considered  on the basis of performance, or behaviour. We are a part of a unique planet in the galaxy and we are only here to explore our abilities towards further progress. Mutual admiration is fine but one does not have to know to stay relevant in society to be admired by modern men. One just has to live, love and know to keep the society healthy with healthy ideas and principles and not be a prey to such cliched terms.

Amen! Your reactions,  and comments are more than welcome. Do pitch in.


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