Step by Step Method To Clean The House For Diwali This Year

Step by Step Tips To Clean The House For Diwali

Rangolis and decoration
Rangolis and decoration

Diwali is that time of the year when everyone gets ready to clean the house and bring in a lot of neatness and cleanliness. Usually preparations for Diwali begin much before the festival. People start getting busy around two weeks before the festival and house cleaning is a never ending process so the final feeling is one of extreme satisfaction. This festival of lights really sparkles a light of joy in everyone’s life and whether one keeps the spirit on depends entirely on the ability of the person.

If you have not started cleaning the house then here are some tips for you to do it stepwise. Firstly one has to have the right tools ready to clean the house. The right tools and the proper cleansers help one to deal with the cleaning procedure with ease.

materials to clean for Diwali
materials to clean for Diwali

Some essential things one might need are :

  1. A Broom
  2. Tall Brooms with sticks
  3. Household regular cleansers
  4. Good amount of duster clothes.
  5. Cleaning liquids
  6. A proper soap bar
  7. A scrubber
  8. A toothbrush

Start it Early

The key to good cleaning during Diwali is to begin early. When one begins early it is easier to manage the cleaning. It is not easy to clean the entire house. One has to know how best to divide the work. The house is divided into four parts

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Kitchen and the attic
  4. The store rooms and the balconies

The first step towards right cleaning is to take a survey of the house and write down the points that need attention. This would give you an idea about what has to be done. The next thing to do is to divide the work into portions. So if the kitchen area needs a lot of attention divide the work into two days. The bathrooms could be done in one day. The bedrooms might need a day each. In this manner the overall cleaning can be achieved.

The Survey

The survey could reveal the following requirements :

  1. You might need to wall paper or paint the walls
  2. You might need to do a pest control
  3. You might need to get the windows or doors painted

How To Begin Cleaning

Once the areas are decided, try to arrive at what to do first in each room. If it is the kitchen then begin with the cabinets first. You might have to scrub the bottles clean, the shelves might need more work. Then you would have to get the walls painted or wall papered, so do this as per the routine that you would have written down during the survey.

cabinets and wardrobes should be cleaned first
cabinets and wardrobes should be cleaned first

Wardrobes and Cabinets

Begin cleaning the wardrobes and cabinets in any room. Clean the wardrobe by emptying the contents first. Change the paper or cloth that might be kept there. Wipe them well with a cleaning liquid and scatter some naphthalene balls or camphor tablets to drive away insects and bad smell. Sort out the clothes. Give away the ones not needed and mend the ones that require mending.

Cleaning the Windows and the Nets

windows and nets should be cleaned
windows and nets should be cleaned

If there are nets on the windows, then keep it for the end as all the dusting and wiping in the house is going to settle on them. The windows would need painting and cleaning. So do this after everything regarding dust is over so that the dust does not settle on fresh paint.

Take Out the Blankets and Sweaters

Diwali is during the time when winter is round the corner. This is the time to take out all the sweaters and cardigans and dry them in the sun so that they are devoid of smell during winter.

IMG_20141019_164302Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen would begin with the cabinets and then sorting out the grocery shelf. Make sure that there are no old vessels and pans and pots without handles. If there are make sure that they are fitted with their respective needs. Try to pitch in a new item in the kitchen during Dhan Teras the first day of Diwali. The crockery shelf might need cleaning of the glass vessels and the crockery. So do this with care and keep them sparkling.

cracks and crevices to clean
cracks and crevices to clean

Cleaning The Exhaust Fans, Floors and Greasy places

Take a toothbrush and clean the fans and the crevices as well as all the cracks in the floors. Wherever needed fill in cement and do not leave any crack or crevice as it would give all the reason for insects to creep in during summer.

Pest Control

It is always better to do a pest control done so that there are no pests after cleaning. Do the pest control before the cleaning work is done so that all the insects, pests and cockroaches die and you can clean it for further neatness. This also helps to get rid of bugs, ants and other insects in the house.

Cleaning the home appliances

All the home appliances need good cleaning. So make sure that you have a fibre tipped cloth which would clean all the appliances. Clean them with a proper cleanser and enjoy the feeling of keeping all the appliances clean and neat.

draperies and curtains should be cleaned
draperies and curtains should be cleaned

Curtains, Draperies and Covers

Clean all the curtains, draperies and cover as well as the pillow covers and sofa covers . Wash them in the washing machine and then put up neat and clean stuff after all the cleaning is over.

Decorative Diwali
Decorative Diwali

Decorating the house

Now that everything is cleaned, get the house overhauled with sparkling diyas. You can also paint them yourselves and add on a lot of sparkle and shine through many accompaniments that are found in the shops. It is Diwali time, so what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and clean and have a safe Diwali.


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