The Green Fragrance

Green Fragrance
Green Fragrance

 Today Rukmini Krishnan shares on this blog a poem posted on The Random Thought Bistro .This poem is about how we get engrossed in day to day existence quite forgetting the beauty around us. It also takes us into a journey of materialistic happiness ultimately the mind identifying happiness in what it feels is the best.

Rukmini tries to bring forth the everyday tug of war that we have with ourselves when we start the day and aptly puts forward the feeling one has while getting to feel the pay on the first day of the month. Later she tells us just how easy it is to get a joie de vivre in small things that we tend to miss due to our busy schedule . Quoting the first stanza of the poem

Tugging at my already fraying bag, I wrote the figures in a jiffy
Looking at the clock ticking away , I went to the bank oh so stuffy
I took out the cheque leaf and encashed the wad of notes
mmmm…it smelt good , the salary day could be one of the best antidotes…

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