The Pleasures of Indian Festivals

Onam The Festival of Flowers
Onam The Festival of Flowers
Onam The Festival of Flowers
Onam The Festival of Flowers

India is a land of festivals and Indian culture and tradition transcends boundaries and limits. It is a feast for the eyes to see the very raison d’etre of existence through festivals in the sub-continent. Onam is one such festival which uses the best of colours and fragrance through flowers and their decor.

There are designs put up in the frontyard of houses in Kerala in South India and this is an innovative form of creating the best in festive occassions. Read more about this and the art form only on


How To Start Your Day

IMG-20140428-00706Today Rukmini Krishnan shares on this blog some tips from her health blog – The Health Bistro. A perfect day starts with perfect habits and regular routine. Health is a state of mind and it is only this unique aspect that allows you to be in a perfect combination with life. So how exactly do you start your day?


Dabbawallahs of Mumbai

Rukmini krishnan shares a blog on Dabbawallahs of Mumbai from her blog The Travel Bistro – Click on link

Enter Mumbai and you are sure to be struck by the amazing efficiency of these group of people who proudly call themselves the Dabbahwalaahs of Mumbai.

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Why Is Gudi Padwa Celebrated ? | The Soul Bistro

Yet again  it is that time of the year when we are all set and geared to welcone spring and also with it the joy and happiness of  a New Year. This year let us pray that there is enough water for everyone and sufficient food everywhere. Meanwhile let us know why we celebrate the festival.. For more click on this link

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